KFNC Club Membership for Under 18.5, Reserves and Senior Footballers.

Covers the costs of: 

  • Playing Uniform: Football Jumper (Returned at years’ end and renewed very 2-3 years or kept if your side wins a premiership)
  • Insurance cover – Compulsory JLT Club Insurance
  • Medical Team and associated costs on game day
  • First aid supplies
  • Cleaning costs for game day and training facilities
  • Power and utility costs. This includes electricity to light our oval, indoor training facility and public amenities on training nights and game day
  • Umpires and game officials costs
  •  Player equipment (i.e. balls, training equipment)
  • Victoria Park Committee of management fees for use of ovals and change rooms facilities for pre-season and playing season.

2021 Footballer Club Membership - FULL FEE