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There’s a new guard of leadership at the Koroit Football Netball Club, although the faces now at the helm are anything but new to Victoria Park.


Earlier this month, the Saints’ elected Brett Madden and Tanya Waterson as new President and Vice President respectively, replacing long-time leaders Steve Hoy and Russ Cumming, who both remain on the executive.


For both Brett and Tanya (pictured), who rise to the positions after holding various roles at the Club for several years, the positions are the latest iteration of a life-long passion for the red, white and black.


“We have both supported the Saints since we were kids,” Brett laughs. “It’s always been part of our lives.”


Brett’s introduction to the Koroit Saints came in the 80s when he joined the club as a junior player.


Vice President Tanya was literally born waving the Saints flag. She is the eldest daughter of Club premiership player Peter “Barney’ Doolan – who, at 17 years of age, was the youngest player in the Club’s maiden 1971 Hampden League flag.


Her new Vice President role is one of several positions Koroit born-and-raised Tanya has served at the Club over the years; Player, Netball Coordinator, Netball Coach, Club Secretary and Team Manager for both junior football and netball sides, as well as senior teams.


“It’s just such a great club to be part of,” Tanya said. “What you get from being involved far outweighs the time you put in to helping out.”


Both Brett and Tanya said the responsibility of leading the Hampden League’s most successful club in recent times wasn’t lost on them.


“We can both remember when Koroit was a very different club, with a very different level of success than what we have now,” Tanya said.


“It ensures that we never take for granted what has been built over time – and it has been more than two decades of slowly building, rather than something that just happened. We are very mindful of the hard work that has put the club in this position, and the importance of protecting what has been built.”


Brett said maintaining the Club’s culture and self-awareness was the most important duty sitting at the top of his long (and growing), to do list.


“At the heart of what we have is a culture of hard work, open mindedness, and community support. We believe it’s just as important to maintain those values as it is the ladder position and development of the seven football and 11 netball teams that make up our club.”

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