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The Working with Children Check (WWCC) provides a mandatory minimum standard for assessing the suitability of people working with children and young people. The check aims to screen for people who may pose a risk to the safety of children and young people in either paid or volunteer work.

It applies to people who have regular direct contact with children where that contact is not directly supervised.

To minimise risk of harm to children by requiring staff and volunteers of Koroit Football Netball Club to provide evidence that they have appropriate approvals to work with children in accordance with legislation and AFL Victoria & Netball Victoria Requirements.

As a minimum requirement KFNC will have the following people with WWCC in line with AFLVIC and Netball Victoria expectations:

  • All executive committee members as well as the canteen manager/supervisor

  • Coaches, Team Manager, First Aid, Primary Carer, Auskick Coordinator & Club Trainer

  • Any adult attending an overnight trip with children

  • Other members of the club who are involved in regular contact with children who are not directly supervised by a person with WWCC.

The club will nominate each year a person/s who is responsible for WWC Check matters. This person can provide members with information; validate the WWC Check cards and record details. In the majority of instances this will be a designated person endorsed by the committee but may also be the Club Secretary. It is recommended that where exemptions apply, the Nominated Person of each Club, League or Association records this to ensure up-to-date records are maintained. Our club through our planning calendar and secretary commits to updating our register annually each Feb/March & include our expectations and policy on our website.

AFL Victoria and Netball Victoria endorses the following exemptions from the legislation and it will recognise that Clubs and Associations shall not require the following individuals to apply for the WWCC (subject to appropriate proof being sighted):

  • Persons aged under 18;

  • Sworn Members of Victoria Police (who are not suspended from duty);

  • Teachers registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching; (clubs are required to sight the VIT registration)



Any issues or complaints which may arise relating to children involved at Koroit FNC may come via of various sources i.e. parents, coaches, committee, team manager etc. Any such complaints should be referred directly to the Clubs Child Safety Officer and be brought to the attention of the Club President to decide on the appropriate course of action internally or externally.


KFNC will follow the Child Safety Complaints Procedure Flow Chart for Netball and Football depending on which sport a complaint is made from as follows:

Approved by KFNC Committee 21/03/2023


As a member club of AFL Victoria, Koroit Football Netball Club's players, coaches, officials and spectators are bound by AFL Victoria's Cyber Bullying policy.

Click the link here for a copy of the policy. 



As a registered Club within a registered Netball Victoria competition, Koroit Football Netball Club's players, coaches, officials and spectators are bound by Netball Victoria's Cyber Safety policy. 

Click the link here for a copy of the policy.

KFNC Child Safety Officer

Lissa Lathwell: 0427 522 981

Club President: 0427 519 555

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