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In July 2023, the Koroit Football Netball Club (KFNC) earned a $125,000 funding commitment from the Moyne Shire to help the Club meet the cost to upgrade the lights on the main oval at Victoria Park Recreation Reserve.

This is a $450,000 project that has been in the planning stages for four years. It will halve the current number of light towers around the Victoria Park oval from eight to four. Higher-quality, more energy-efficient lights will be utilised, increasing the functionality of the facility, improving user safety and achieving much greater energy efficiency.

Will Lights.jpg


  • To replace ageing and inefficient electrical infastructure

  • Improved lighting is vital to support the rapid growth in participation at our Club (eg: more teams needing to train)

  • To ensure KFNC is equipped for future participation plans for the Hampden Football Netball League


Moyne Shire’’s support of the project now provides KFNC with a platform to apply to the Victorian Government (via Sport & Recreation Victoria) for further funding to support, and hopefully complete the project.

As part of the process to apply for this next round of funding, KFNC is working to inform and engage our local community, to ensure they are aware of the project.

lights pic 5.jpg
Paddy Lights.jpeg


A series of FAQs are accessible here, to provide you with further explanation as to the strategy behind this planned upgrade

If you have any further questions or specific feedback about this project, we encourage you to contact us via the form at the bottom of the FAQ page. (Click here to read).


We will endeavour to incorporate your feedback in our planning and execution of this upgrade.

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